Marble Marvels: Embracing the 2023 Design & Color Trends

2022 was dominated by neutral interior trends, but in 2023, we welcome the era of bold patterns and deep, rich colors. To embrace this exciting shift, at Samples Yard, we have meticulously curated the most captivating marble slabs that will undoubtedly ignite your creativity for your upcoming projects.

Below are our top trend picks:

Red And Pink-Toned Marble

In 2023, adding warmth and color has become a prevalent marble and interior design trend. Red and pink-toned marble slabs embody opulence and sheer beauty, making them an exquisite choice to infuse this trend into your design.

Natural stone slabs boast a rich history, with their colors, patterns, and textures shaped over time by environmental elements, resulting in each slab being truly unique and special in any setting. For instance, the captivating range of pink and red tones seen in some of the popular marble colors of the moment is a result of iron oxidation.

Embracing the red and pink-tone marble trend brings absolute magnificence and luxury to your space. Its distinctive and natural patterns make it an ideal choice for creating a striking focal point in any room, seamlessly complementing various interior design schemes.

Silver Fantasy Marble

Slab from Lusso Group.

The Silver Fantasy slab boasts a pearly oyster base adorned with striking deep red-brown veining that runs throughout each slab, creating a truly distinctive design feature exuding a sense of opulence and richness. This exquisite and one-of-a-kind slab is an ideal choice for crafting a modern and captivating marble benchtop or a statement kitchen island.

Rosso Orobico Marble

Slab from Marmi Orobici.

Rosso Orobico has garnered immense popularity among European architects and designers, and it’s not difficult to see why. This mesmerizing marble slab is akin to a kaleidoscope, showcasing soft and exquisite blush tones adorned with delicate silver and sapphire strokes, creating an enchanting visual spectacle. The subtle touch of red marbling infuses a natural and earthy essence, while the spontaneous and wave-like strips of color add a captivating sense of intrigue and beauty. This extraordinary marble slab is the perfect choice for crafting a luxurious bathroom vanity that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Rosso Levanto Marble

Slab from Hafary.

Rosso Levanto marble stands out as a truly unique and mesmerizing stone, boasting a stunningly dark and richly textured appearance with varying shades of striking red and deep brown. Its distinct veining, coupled with a high polish, makes it an exceptional choice for elegant interior design projects.

This remarkable marble has graced countless spaces, adorning fireplace surrounds, enhancing wall accents, and lending its beauty to exquisite countertops. Its bold presence creates an instant statement, infusing any space with a sense of grandeur and sophistication that leaves a lasting impression.

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