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The Ultimate Wood Flooring Patterns Guide for Designers

Wooden floors hold a special place in the hearts of architects and interior designers. Celebrated for their innate beauty, wood floors infuse any space with distinctive personality and style, crafting an ambiance of warmth and character. Beyond their aesthetic magic, wood floors boast remarkable thermal properties and enhance a room’s acoustics by absorbing sound, making spaces feel more intimate and serene. Furthermore, wood’s natural aging process adds to its charm, evolving into an even more captivating and refined material.

Yet, the true magic of wooden flooring lies in its versatility. It offers designers a playground of creativity, with a spectrum of colors and an array of patterns to choose from. 

Today at Samples Yard, we’re excited to delve into some of the most influential wood flooring patterns. Whether you’re an interior designer or a project owner, these patterns are essential knowledge for creating spaces that resonate with elegance and timelessness.

Category One of Three: The Square Shapes

These sets comprise pieces that assemble into recurring square formations, offering the flexibility to generate various patterns. From straightforward checkerboards to intricate designs like the mentioned Versailles and others forming segmented shapes, these sets are particularly suited for larger spaces due to their capacity for diverse configurations.

The Aremberg Pattern

Aremberg Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc

The Aremberg pattern is named after the D’Aremberg castle in Belgium, which derives its name from the family that held dominion in the Western European country from the 17th century until the First World War. 

It is a geometric pattern formed of a big square subdivided into smaller geometric shapes.

The Monticello Pattern

Monticello Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc

It is inspired by the neoclassical architecture and design principles associated with Thomas Jefferson’s historic Monticello estate. Typically characterized by its geometric precision and symmetry, the Monticello pattern often features rectangular and square elements arranged in a harmonious layout. 

The Monticello wooden floor pattern adds a touch of historical charm to interior spaces, reflecting the grace and grandeur of neoclassical design principles.

Chantilly Pattern

Chantilly Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc. Discover more on Samples Yard

This parquet style often involves the arrangement of small, interwoven wood pieces to create visually captivating geometric patterns. The design may incorporate elements like herringbone, chevron, or intricate motifs, reflecting the ornate elegance associated with Chantilly

These patterns have evolved and some contemporary interpretations introduce marble as part of the inlay pattern to add a little bit of creativity and take the flooring to the next level.

Category Two of Three: Plank-based Patterns

This category illustrates planks in a dynamic movement. It is one of the most common.

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc. Discover more on Samples Yard

The herringbone pattern is a classic and elegant wood flooring design. It consists of rectangular wood planks arranged in a staggered zigzag pattern, resembling the bones of a fish, hence the name ‘herringbone.’ Each plank is cut at a 90-degree angle, and when installed, it creates a broken zigzag flow. This pattern adds a sense of movement and dimension to a space, making it visually appealing and timeless. 

Moreover, the versatility of the herringbone pattern extends beyond its classic form. It can be employed in both single and double variations, offering flexibility in design. Additionally, by altering the orientation of the planks, one can achieve distinct effects, ranging from a more square layout to a dynamic diagonal arrangement.

Chevron Pattern

Chevron Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc. Discover more on Samples Yard

The Chevron pattern, often confused with herringbone, is another sophisticated wood flooring design. The key difference lies in the angle of the cuts: Chevron planks are cut at a 45-degree angle. When installed, the ends of the planks meet at perfect points, creating a continuous V-shape or zigzag pattern across the floor. This seamless zigzag brings a more uniform and orderly appearance compared to herringbone. 

Linear Pattern

Linear Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc. Discover more on Samples Yard

Rectangular wood planks are installed in a staggered, overlapping fashion, resembling the way bricks are arranged in a wall. This classic pattern adds a timeless and structured look to the floor, bringing a sense of familiarity and warmth to the space. It’s a versatile choice that complements various interior styles, from rustic to contemporary.

Basket (Diagonal) Pattern

Basket Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc. Discover more on Samples Yard

The diagonal basket pattern is a dynamic variation of the classic basketweave design. In this pattern, rectangular wood planks are arranged diagonally, forming a woven or basket-like appearance. The diagonal orientation introduces a sense of movement and visual interest, making it a contemporary twist on the traditional basketweave. This pattern is well-suited for those looking to infuse energy and a modern touch into their flooring, while still embracing a hint of classic elegance.

Category Three of Three: Hexagons and Diamond Shapes

Diamond Pattern:

In the diamond pattern of wood flooring, rectangular planks are arranged to form a repeating diamond shape across the floor. The planks are typically set at angles to create this distinctive geometric design. The resulting visual effect adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to the space, making it a popular choice for those seeking a unique and timeless flooring arrangement.

Hexagon Pattern:

Hexagon Wooden flooring in qatar, saudi arabia, and gcc. Discover more on Samples Yard

The hexagon pattern involves arranging wood planks in a series of interlocking hexagonal shapes. This honeycomb-like configuration adds a modern and visually striking element to the floor. The use of hexagons introduces a sense of geometry and symmetry, contributing to a contemporary and dynamic aesthetic. This pattern is versatile and can be adapted to various interior styles, providing a fresh and stylish look to the flooring.

What’s your preferred wood flooring pattern? Let us know if there’s a pattern we haven’t covered – your input is always welcome!

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